About Us

Woluxi is creating a framework in IoT space around Device provisioning, configuration, diagnostic and support.

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P: (408) 475-8477

The Team

Ninad Ghodke


Ninad Ghodke is tinkerer, hacker and looking for things to fix. He has tried to fix far too many electronic things that stopped working but there was no way to understand what failed and hence he came up with the ideas of signalling issues using an LED. After having a tough time adding his doorbell to his home wifi network he thought applying the same pricicple of LED signalling to solve this problem.

Sandeep Nirmale


Sandeep Nirmale co-founded the Woluxi with the goal of making life easier with IOT device configuration and diagnostics. Like Ninad, Sandeep saw similar problems while playing with the Raspberry Pi device which needs a keyboard and display for the initial configuration, especially WiFi provisioning. And that's when he thought about the WiFi provisioning idea for headless devices. He has the strong technical background with business acumen. He brings over 15+ years of experience in technical leadership around software product development. He has worked at companies like EMC, NetApp, IBM (Informix) in the past.

He holds the MBA and MS degrees.