WOLUXI WiFi Provisioning for Raspberry Pi

Woluxi headless Wifi provisioning mechanism is a simple and secure way of configuring WiFi for IoT devices like Raspberry Pi. It provides proof of presence mechanism for authentication. Woluxi's patent pending technique enables Raspberry Pi device to communicate credentials with the SmartPhone by simply blinking LED light on it. With this mechanism there is no need for hardcoded default passwords. Woluxi WiFi provisioning framework consists of python based backend (runs on Pi device) and smartphone application (Android or iOS).

Once Woluxi software is installed on Raspberry Pi, following benefits are available:

  • Securely provisioning of WiFi credentials into Pi device without any extra hardware requirement,
  • Ability to change the 'pi' user password,
  • Enable ssh at same time as WiFi provisioning,

Currently one can take benefit of this only after installing Woluxi WiFi provisioning backend on Raspberry Pi. At present, it does not handle the case of WiFi provisioning on a vanilla install as one might need network connectivity to install Woluxi software.,

Backend package.

RASPBIAN OS Support: Jessie and Stretch

  • The source can be downloaded here
  • The debian package can be downloaded here

Mobile Apps Download: Android and iOS